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Fyber is an international award-winning company providing a mobile ad monetization platform with highly engaging mobile marketing solutions.

The platform lets developers, advertisers, and gamers maximize their revenues on the global ad marketplace. It’s built by developers for developers and serves approximately 1.2 billion unique active users monthly.


Global leader among in-app monetization solutions

Fyber’s SSP, Ad Server, Exchange, and Mediation products empower the world’s best app developers and publishers to gain key revenue streams, boasting 500 million monthly users globally. Their in-app monetization and RTB marketing solutions are widely used by media houses, amounting to 350 million active users per month. 

The platform enables optimization, publication, and management of application resources from the best distributors such as EA Games, Ubisoft, etc. Fyber allows numerous advertisement networks to integrate through SDK as well as supports managing them all in one place. The possibility of integration with other platforms makes Fyber truly scalable. Our job was to assist our clients in meeting their market’s needs.

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Challenge:Overcoming business stagnation with product maintenance audit

Our partner lacked development resources to finish some of their ongoing projects and meet the market needs. We have taken over maintenance in one of such projects and added several new features to our client’s product. The product is designed for application and game developers who want to place themselves in a commercial environment and integrate with ad providers in a fast and simple way.


Improving product development with proven technology & autonomous dedicated team

A dedicated team was formed for mobile development, complete with a team leader. The project was ongoing, and we have taken part in its maintenance and development of new features. Legacy code remained. The Codete team was fully autonomous, no one from the client’s side was involved in the technical part of our tasks. We were responsible for a variety of areas surrounding the project, including development, team management, providing documentation for users, creating new integrations with advertisers, and maintenance of existing integrations.

The technical solution was to use the Fyber SDK application so that the user would not need to bother with writing additional code to integrate various advertisers, nor have to implement their own highest-profit advertisement selection mechanism. The goal was to make it hassle-free by adding a library and some adaptors, as well as the option for setting configuration in the dashboard.

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Solution:Flexible & experienced remote development team

We formed a dedicated software development team for the client’s project. Ultimately, our responsibilities were widened and our team became a vital part of Fyber’s IT department. The Codete team was responsible for a broad range of development work, including coordinating several concurrent projects and tasks. To a large extent, our job came down to providing an optimum required performance of the application. It required working with big data and tens of queuing servers. 

The range of our responsibilities has been increasing and our team has scaled up since the beginning of our cooperation. Thanks to efficient communication and meeting task deadlines, we are now in charge of a significant part of essential technological processes at Fyber. Codete’s four developers are a part of a project team that works in a very dynamic and challenging environment, adapting to the organizational culture and structure of our client’s framework.

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