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Leonardo Hotels, part of the Fattal Hotels chain, hosts guests in over 190 resorts, located in 17 countries around the world.

We conducted a complete IT audit to support the company's growth goal by recommending a set of IT solutions for improving digital performance in several key areas. The cooperation is ongoing.

“They’re everything we could want from a project management standpoint: agile, flexible, and transparent. There aren’t any surprises when working with them, which is ideal.” 
– Franco Sterl, Former Director of Digital Marketing, Leonardo Hotels

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Challenge:Performance audit for Travel & Hospitality giant

Codete serves as an IT partner for Leonardo Hotels, a brand owned by Fattal Hotels Group, a global hospitality business leader. Our aim, as a business digitalization partner, was to identify and remove any of the business growth liabilities by providing custom digital tools, mainly optimizing the digital booking funnel, and giving a substantial bump to the official business website competitiveness by working on its UX/UI.


Risk identification & digital performance optimization

Codete engineers selected a palette of IT solutions for digital performance optimization in several key areas. First of all, we ran a complete UX/UI audit to identify the conversion bottlenecks. Conclusions were then turned into several official booking website refurbishment visual drafts, aiming at a usability and conversion boost. 

After the mock-ups analysis, testing, and final approval, an implementation phase was launched, with the technologies dubbed the most effective: 

  • RESTful API to integrate frontend and backend, and to enhance the mobile booking funnel,
  • Symfony as a PHP framework and Angular for the frontend,
  • UI enhancement by enforcing compliance with widely recognized standards such as Google’s Material Design,
  • AWS and cloud computing to unlock the much-needed booking tools' scalability potential.


Dedicated Software Development Center for outsourcing entire IT departments

Our cooperation with Leonardo Hotels has been a long-term oriented, deep business partnership from day one. We set up a dedicated software development center, comprising hospitality industry business experts, battle-proven senior developers, and selected junior top talents. In the course of our business relationship, our development center has stayed flexible, building custom digital solutions that respond to the ever-changing context of the global market. 

Leonardo’s dedicated software development center, responding to the current situation, has been scaling itself down to a minimum determined by maintenance needs, awaiting the business challenges to come. Should new challenges emerge, it can quickly adapt to the circumstances, restore the previous staff or onboard brand new team members, review old solutions, provide updates, or pivot and build entirely new digital tools.

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Solution:Overcome performance bottlenecks with a tailored set of IT services

To identify the business process obstacles underpinning and causing low growth and poor scalability, preventing Leonardo from effectively competing in the global market, we ran a meticulous audit, led by dedicated development center members with business expertise. The findings pointed mostly at the main page usability issues, which rendered it as a poor competitor to the third-party travel and hospitality aggregators. 

We crafted a roadmap of business and digitalization goals, highlighting the most urgent ones. We came up with an array of possible solutions across all levels of Leonardo's digital infrastructure that integrated UX and UI improvements, as well as frontend and backend code review and optimization. Following iterations of designing, consultation, robust testing, and assessment phases, our development center engineers rolled out the full technological stack of all necessary updates, engendering a permanent digital booking funnel unblock. A brand-new, dedicated booking website engine was the sales funnel optimization mainspring. 

Our bespoke software replaced the former, generic solutions, which had been impeding the growth potential of the Leonardo Hotel website. The digitalization allowed full, customizable booking process automation – the feature crucial for Leonardo's growth strategy.


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