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Webtrekk increases client profit with data driven marketing. Our integrated solutions or “Digital Intelligence Suite”, enables precision market targeting and personalized campaigns.


The client needed expert advice in various areas, of main interest, was the selecting of proper technology stack for their needs, especially in the handling of Big Data. Further to this key process needing to be defined and introduced the client requested more experience in working with this area of expertise. The project is essential for companies that have accounts on various portals on the internet and want to analyze data and statistics concerning user traffic to match and compliment a marketing campaign or define a specific target group.

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Our most experienced developers and Project Managers from Codete were involved in the process of defining the appropriate solutions for the customer’s problems. As a result, project architecture and technology stack was defined, as well as an efficient development process (Agile Kanban) was introduced. To reach their customer expectations, our client needed automatic tools to gather statistics and data from the variety of services and then process them to get unified format. This is a truly innovative application, as there is no similar product on the market. Choosing the relevant technologies resulted in exceeding our client’s expectations. Currently we are able to modify the application for further requirements in an easy, quick and extremely efficient way. A weeklyplanning session was adhered to, where we set goals for the following time span, prioritizing tasks, estimating the time needed for particular tasks and issues in addition to the negotiation of functionality details and/or technical details of a particular flagged concern.


The client had very limited development resources on their side. An experienced outsourced development team was desperately needed in order to develop new products. This multi-faceted project provides the client with the possibility of collecting statistical data from social and analytical services including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, DoubleClick with website display, video, number of clicks etc. subsequently being directed to the system core to be processed and analyzed.

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A dedicated and expert backend team was formed, to fulfill development and testing requirements, supervised by a Project Manager on our side to introduce and keep proper development process, using Kanban in this case. Codete developed the project from the start there is no legacy code configuration needed to connect to external services as a user assuring safe connection of the configuration of channels in which the user is interested, within the context of statistical data (e.g. YT movies that they want to elicit statistics from) Included is the possibility to run data import manually with periodical update configuration of the statistical functionalities for administrators user data manipulation, configuration, data import run manually for specified account configurations. Client’s acceptance criteria was fulfilled, but due to the current situation it has not been implemented as the client needs to address its infrastructure firstly.

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