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Buildbite is a field management solution specializing in improving efficiency and customer satisfaction in construction projects.

The company’s game-changing app – also named Buildbite – combines field management features, allowing its users to communicate easily, manage tasks, track time, authorize decisions, and more. Its main goal is to facilitate an efficient and transparent information flow between clients, project managers, and construction workers by providing them with a single tool to communicate and collaborate on all the necessary details.

Our journey with Micke Paqvalén, the visionary CEO at Buildbite, began in October 2021, and it's been a continuous and exciting collaboration ever since. We are proud to highlight that Buildbite chose to partner with Codete once again for their software development needs, a decision influenced by our shared history of successful projects and positive experiences.

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Challenge:Complete redevelopment of the Buildbite application

The company was looking for a technological partner to modernize and upgrade its mobile application for the construction industry. At the start of our cooperation, our developer built a proof of concept (PoC) of the application using an entirely new tech stack based on Flutter. The prototype, delivered in a fast and smooth manner, convinced the client to entrust us with this task. 

Codete’s development team took ownership of the entire development process, from creating new architecture and infrastructure based on the updated tech stack to implementing agile software development practices. 

In the next step, Codete’s complete, cross-functional development team (full-stack developers with a Team Leader, QA engineer, and UX/UI designer) proceeded to work on the product.


Development improvement for a better application

Our task was to reconstruct the application, but in the course of our collaboration, we used our expertise to assist our client in improving the whole software development process. We continue to give Buildbite both technological and agile project management support, as well as share our business know-how when possible, and this holistic approach is one of the most significant values of our collaboration. Fast, hassle-free development and market success are our common goals. 

The cooperation between Codete and Buildbite is based on mutual understanding, openness, and trust – our fundamental values. 

Rebuilding the whole application in Flutter was the first step in our mission. Codete’s development team redesigned the software, balancing technical debt and new features.

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Solution:New tech stack, new processes, new features

To help Buildbite achieve the desired quality of their application within a reasonable time frame and budget, we proposed numerous improvements already demonstrated in our PoC. 

The PoC – featuring key functionalities such as authorization, search, and database sync – took our engineer just six hours to build. It came with a backend emulator that enables you to build the entire backend stack easily locally and perform development locally. In that way, it allows the users to play around locally without the need for additional remote environments, which translates to an easy transformation from a frontend developer into a full-stack developer, and makes the whole process faster.

Another killer feature was the possibility to download, recreate and fix bugs locally without interfering with the “living organism” in production. 

The PoC showed the potential behind Flutter and Firebase combination that we suggested – and it was convincing enough for the client to entrust Codete with the entire software development of the application. 

Codete’s team was responsible for:
– building the development team, 
– proposing and implementing new tech stack, architecture, and infrastructure,
– creating documentation, 
– introducing the agile approach to software development, 
– implementing development processes and agile best practices, 
– ownership over the entire technical side of the project,
– software development itself, that is: coding the application.

Some of the functionalities that we have added in the app for easier construction field management are: 
– real-time reporting,
– multi-chat,
– contact management,
– phases and tasks,
– time tracking,
– task approval, 
– in-app communication,
– push notifications.

These new features make the Buildbite app more useful for construction companies, their teams on site, and their customers, whether real estate developers or individual investors. Their cooperation becomes more transparent and faster as digital decision-making and task approvals (based on comments, time logs, and photos) improve profitability by optimizing workflows and approvals.

As the application is available for both construction companies and individual clients, two versions are accessible: free and paid. The free version offers basic functionalities, while the more extensive paid one – targeted at SME’s – can be adjusted to the customer’s needs. The current version of the app comes with desktop and multi-language support that make it available for use worldwide.

The cooperation between Buildbite and Codete keeps flourishing, giving us a chance to meet other challenges and our client to strengthen their position in the construction market. Our shared commitment to excellence and innovation will undoubtedly propel us toward exciting horizons, and we can't wait to see where this remarkable journey will lead us.


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