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CompreFace is an open-source and easy-to-use face recognition service that can be rapidly integrated into your existing system.

CompreFace is the ultimate solution for face recognition, designed to be open-source, user-friendly, and easily integrated with existing systems. Its lightning-fast technology offers a hassle-free experience that is guaranteed to boost your security and streamline your operations.

CompreFace shows state-of-the-art accuracy on the LFW dataset (99.83%).

CompreFace has multiple features that are vital for any face recognition product: 
- Face identification,
- Face verification,
- Age/gender detection,
- Landmark detection.

Business use cases

CompreFace brings multiple advantages to any organization that needs facial recognition. It can be applied in a variety of business use cases:
- Security. It simplifies the detection of unauthorized access to sensitive areas and/or your office security perimeter.
- Attendance. It helps you track employees and students to verify they’re where they should be.
- Advertising/Marketing. It can be used to collect data for marketing, sales, or real-time ad targeting.
- VIP service. It detects customers upon entrance, allowing businesses to provide excellent customer service.
- Check-in. It speeds up checking in at hotels, conferences, and airports.

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Challenge:Fast, easy, and secure face recognition

The main goal was to create an open-source and user-friendly face recognition service that integrates seamlessly with existing systems.

Our team aimed to design CompreFace to be highly effective, versatile, and straightforward. CompreFace can be deployed either on CPU or GPU-based hardware. It is delivered in docker containers to easily integrate into modern systems like Kubernetes.

Data protection and security

Using CompreFace, you always know what data you’re storing and where you’re storing it. It also has a comprehensive user roles system to control who has access to what kind of data.

Face recognition works with sensitive data, and data privacy is of utmost importance to us. Our solution is secure – it stores the absolute minimum data needed, and the data is only stored on your server.

With CompreFace, you can create, control, and test your services from the user interface – we provide an API key that lets you add, remove, or rename faces in your Face Collection, and test how the service works.

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Solution:Ready-to-go facial recognition software

CompreFace is a ready-to-go solution that we can integrate into any facial recognition project. 

Because it’s open source, CompreFace is much easier to customize and maintain than most of the competitors. It doesn’t require previous experience in machine learning and computer vision. It can easily be integrated into IT systems by any software developer, even one without AI or ML-specific skills. On top of that, with CompreFace, you don’t have to rely on the Internet, as it can be installed on-premise. 

If you have your own team of developers and need consultation about integrating with CompreFace, we’re here to help. We can also help you use CompreFace to develop customized facial recognition products.

The Face Recognition Service is free with CompreFace; you only pay for custom software and server fees.

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