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Splendid Research + Codete = Pioneering advanced user interaction in market research

Splendid Research, a German market research company, offers its clientele the opportunity to conduct affordable, high-quality market research via its CORE platform. This platform enables users to create surveys based on hundreds of criteria, accessing a worldwide panel of more than 2 million respondents across 70 countries. In their pursuit of continuous innovation and user satisfaction, Splendid Research and Codete embarked on a mission to enhance their platform's capabilities further. The goal was to streamline the user experience and augment comprehension of survey results.

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Challenge:Navigating the data labyrinth – aiming for a user-friendly interpretation and comprehension of survey results

A significant number of CORE users found it complex and time-consuming to interpret the vast amount of data generated. Analyzing data and generating insights from charts and dashboards was often overwhelming, especially for users without a background in data analysis.

Splendid Research aimed to rectify this by developing an intuitive way for users to interact with their survey results. The company envisioned a solution capable of translating complex data into comprehensible language, providing insights that could easily be grasped by non-specialists.

Codete identified artificial intelligence (AI) as a potent tool for addressing this issue and proposed the idea of a chat interface that would allow users to interact conversationally with their survey results. This concept held the potential to greatly enhance the user experience by facilitating easier interpretation and understanding of complex data. However, a sophisticated AI with advanced language understanding and generation capabilities was required to accomplish this. It was at this point that OpenAI's GPT-4 became a part of the solution.

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Solution:Unveiling an AI-driven conversational interface – OpenAI's GPT-4 at work

Codete incorporated OpenAI's GPT-4 into the CORE platform to enable a chat interface. This feature capitalizes on GPT-4's language model capabilities to comprehend user queries and produces understandable, context-aware responses based on pre-loaded survey results.

To facilitate user interaction, the chat interface was designed to prompt users with pre-configured queries such as "Provide a summary of the chart data," "Emphasize the three most important findings," or "Suggest what the next steps should be." These prompts served as icebreakers, making initiating a conversation with the language model easier for users. They also paved the way for users to follow up with their own queries.


Final results: Transforming the user experience through AI-driven insights

The incorporation of OpenAI's GPT-4 into the CORE platform marked a significant milestone in Splendid Research's quest for a more user-friendly and accessible interface for market research data. The AI-driven chat interface, expertly implemented by Codete, brought an entirely new dimension of interaction to CORE users.

By simply asking questions in plain language, users could now receive coherent, contextually aware responses that demystified complex survey results. The platform became more approachable to users from various backgrounds, particularly those without extensive experience in data analysis.

Furthermore, the pre-configured prompts ensured a smooth initiation of interaction, breaking the ice for users unfamiliar with AI interactions and paving the way for more customized queries.

This innovative application of GPT-4 delivered substantial benefits, including increased user satisfaction, improved understanding of survey results, and reduced time spent on data interpretation. Splendid Research and Codete's successful collaboration not only transformed the CORE platform but also showcased the revolutionary potential of AI in making complex data more comprehensible and accessible.


Future prospects: Expanding the horizons of AI application

The successful integration of OpenAI's GPT-4 into the CORE platform illustrates the transformative potential of AI technologies, inviting exploration of further applications. One such area of potential expansion is data sonification, which could enhance the accessibility of complex data sets by converting them into unique sound patterns. This auditory representation of data would provide an alternative means of data interaction, beneficial particularly for visually impaired users.

Additionally, the sonification results could also be used to generate alternative text (alt tags) for chart images. These tags, which provide textual descriptions of images, can be read out by assistive technologies to make the graphical data more accessible for visually impaired users.

Another promising avenue to explore is the automation of report generation. Leveraging the AI's ability to understand and articulate complex data insights, users could generate comprehensive, written reports at the click of a button. This could streamline the report creation process and ensure the insights are presented in a readable and easy-to-understand format.

These possibilities, among others, underline the expansive potential of AI in revolutionizing how we interact with, interpret, and leverage data, indicating a future filled with exciting opportunities in market research and beyond.

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