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Our customer is a company with deep roots in the taxi industry.

The client provides solutions for e-hailing mobile apps, effortless payment, paratransit, business travel, and advertising.


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Challenge:Secure and user-friendly taxi hailing solution

The client wanted to create a better way to get around cities by mobile, enabling the infrastructure of the existing taxi services. To do this, the company needed to significantly simplify hailing taxis and facilitate quick and secure payments.


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Solution:Taxi app for riders and drivers

The product portfolio we developed includes mobile and web applications for both riders and cab drivers and a driver platform. The solution uses Google Maps and Google services to generate routes and provide ETAs. Drivers and riders can use a chat functionality as a major communication aid to find each other. The driver receives a ride card (as a message) with pickup/dropoff location data and estimated fare and can accept or decline the ride.

The e-hailing taxi service solution is a leading taxi app in the U.S. and connects users to over 50,000 taxis in 65 U.S. cities. It provides fast, convenient, and safe rides thanks to the 100K+ drivers in their network. The solution enables 10M trips per month.


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