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Dedicated Software Developers and Development Teams

Onshoring, nearshoring, offshoring — all these buzzwords boil down to one thing: partnering with external software developers to create a digital product or speed up the process of delivering it. Extending in-house IT departments with outside experts is the perfect solution for companies that don’t have the time to spare for recruiting and hiring the right engineers on their own. With remote work on the rise, you’re no longer limited to the specialists in your proximity, you can look further for the know-how you need.

Codete can cover the full scope of your digital project. Starting with business consulting and research, through design and prototyping, to development and testing, followed by support and maintenance. We have the people to cast all the crucial roles on a newly-set up software development team, as well as individual engineers ready to seamlessly become a part of your already established lineup. Also, we are able to support you in the vast majority of the technologies currently in use. This gives you the possibility of easily trying something new, without hiring a completely new team of developers with a different skillset.

At Codete, we already have over 150 experienced specialists in different technologies on board, and our stellar recruitment team can swiftly find new ones when needed. Whether you choose to partner with us to cooperate with complete dedicated teams or individual dedicated software developers, we can guarantee you that we’ll augment your company’s staff with proven professionals. We operate in the most in-demand technologies of today, such as: PHP, Python, Java, .NET, JavaScript, NODE.js, Ruby on Rails, Swift, or Kotlin. Combined with our proficiency in machine learning, data science, blockchain, and cloud computing, they give us a comprehensive set of in-demand IT skills that you can utilize for your competitive advantage.

Our partners often emphasize that besides our expertise, they value how smooth the communication in the project is. We maintain full transparency and provide our clients with daily updates on the progress of their project. We’re flexible in adjusting to the chosen project management methodology, as well as keep paperwork to a minimum. As far as contracts are concerned, we are open to signing NDAs and never disclose confidential details. The code that we write for our clients is always their property.

Our Dedicated Software Developers can help you in:

Implementing the best technological solutions

You can trust the expertise of Codete’s software developers — it’s backed up by years of experience, as more than 50% of our engineers are senior level specialists or higher. Whether you decide to cooperate with our front-end, backend, or mobile developers (or all of them!), we can guarantee you that they know the tricks of the trade and make use of them to deliver excellent results. You can also work with our team leaders, consultants, UX designers, QA engineers, and DevOps engineers for complete care of your new product.

Developing secure, high-performing software

Codete’s engineers can effectively take ownership of the whole software development life cycle. Either functioning as your external IT department or a team extension to your existing IT team, our skilled software developers have the know-how and the hands-on experience to develop high-quality, bulletproof software from start to finish. Flawless performance and maximum security are among our all-time top priorities. You can trust us with your confidential data — we have already worked on several FinTech, HealthTech, and e-Commerce projects, which demanded us to keep the highest security standards.

Adjusting on the fly

If you’re searching for a flexible team of software developers to support your IT department in delivering your newest project, you’re in the right place. Our engineers don’t only possess impressive technological skills, their soft skills game is just as strong — they easily adapt to different methodologies and toolsets the project requires. And when you need to quickly scale up your team with more developers, we know where to find just the right people in no time.

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Case Study


Unirac needed to finalize the development of their application for the photovoltaics market but lacked the necessary technical assets of their own. For the greater part, the development process was carried out by a dedicated Codete team. However, we didn’t develop the app from the beginning, which meant limited possibilities as far as technological choices are concerned. Many of our suggestions were related to using particular libraries for solving problems with the app’s functionalities (like the export to AutoCAD, the integration with external servers, and so on).


We played the role of support for the existing project. With our help, our client’s application that was initially developed using outdated technological solutions, has been successively modernized. We have also increased the quality of the code by refactoring.

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