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Case Study: R&D for Renewables & Environment

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29/10/2021 |

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Codete Team

In this project, we delivered R&D services to an engineering company specializing in smart technological solutions for the oceans industry. 

Connecting solid experience in the gas and oil industries with a clear vision of a sustainable future, the company offers services in the fields of marine engineering, design, and digitalization. 

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Challenge: Machine learning solution for streamlining big data processes

As a global player, our partner operates on vast amounts of data. The company has reached out to Codete for expertise in data science and artificial intelligence, requesting our assistance in selecting suitable big data and/or machine learning solutions for one of their projects: a revolutionary cloud-based system for the marine analysis industry, built to streamline and standardize its key processes.  

Among other things, the innovative platform aimed at accelerating tender proposals and optimizing vessel time, e.g. by implementing tools for designating the best vessel routes based on real-time information into their system. The company needed advice on using machine learning algorithms for making automated, data-driven vessel decisions. As the project demanded extensive domain-specific knowledge both on the vessels themselves and on the data needed for designing the optimal routes, our team stayed in close contact with the client to gain a good understanding of their objectives before moving on to audit and consulting. 

Solution: ML models & methods audit and an R&D roadmap

Codete's data scientists and machine learning experts thoroughly examined our client's concept of developing an ML engine for optimizing vessel routes based on real-time data, as well as their initial project plan. We audited the models and methods that were already in use in the project at the time of our collaboration, examined all incoming data, and finally proposed a Research & Development roadmap for the project after several discussion sessions. It was divided into five stages, each with its own set of deliverables. In addition, our client has received a set of project management tips and guidelines.


Tech stack 

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Python, Pandas, Scikit-learn 


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