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Healthtech Case Study: Medtransfer

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30/06/2020 |

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Codete Team

We have partnered with Innocenta Dźwierzyńska, founder of Mednavi, to create the next revolutionary digital health solution — Medtransfer.

It’s a platform for patients which enables them to view and forward their medical documentation, including their Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), coronagraphy, or ultrasonography results. Through the platform, doctors can easily access and analyze the images and provide their patients with faster diagnoses. 


The project

The Medtransfer platform allows patients to send their medical test results to their doctor for analysis. This solution is an important innovation, especially in times like the current coronavirus pandemic. 

Because of the large size of the files and for data security reasons, these results usually cannot be transferred by email. In most cases, the format of these medical files is also different from the standard, commonly used formats.


The challenge

The main challenge that we faced was finding a solution for transferring large medical files in a quick and secure way from the patient to their doctor. We also knew that the platform has to support viewing different, often uncommon file formats. Of course, designing a user-friendly, intuitive platform was our top priority. 

Right now, the main challenge ahead of us is to select the optimal methods for image analysis to support doctors in providing their diagnoses.

Main challenges in the project:

  • Quick transfer of large files
  • Compatibility with medical imaging file formats
  • Security of sensitive data
  • Effective methods for image analysis
  • User-friendly and intuitive UX/UI design


Our solution

We opted for the AWS cloud solutions for handling the files. The patient uploads their medical results from their computer to the cloud via the platform, sends the link to their doctor, and the doctor can view them inside the web browser. 

To ensure maximum data security, we use the SSL protocol, and the links are time-limited and protected with email addresses and verification codes. After they expire, the files are removed from the server. The medical images, which typically come in DICOM format, are automatically converted to JPG files for quick and easy viewing.


Work in progress

Thanks to artificial intelligence, the Medtransfer system will also support doctors in diagnosing their patients. By having deep learning methods implemented, it will facilitate detecting chosen patterns characteristic for many different diseases. 

Automating a number of non-trivial procedures is one of the key features planned for the Medtransfer system. Using image processing methods, it’s possible to calculate, for example, a brain tumor’s volume based on MRI scans alone.

In the past couple of years, we’ve witnessed significant progress in the development of such methods, and they’ve already proven to be helpful in supporting medical doctors in their work. Convolutional neural networks built to detect patterns on images are particularly effective.


Client testimonial

“As a patient myself, I often had to send the results of my MRI scans to my doctor by traditional post because they were too big to be sent in an email. That was time-consuming and not very convenient. That’s how I came up with the idea for Medtransfer. 

But I needed someone to guide me through the technical details, help me select the right technologies for the platform, and then simply build it. I found all of that at Codete. 

They have become the technological partner for Medtransfer, and I’m very happy with our cooperation. They have solid tech-know how, excellent engineers, and amazing communication skills, all of which make the collaboration exciting and fruitful. I’m looking forward to continuing our work together on new features planned for the platform.”

Innocenta Dźwierzyńska, founder of Mednavi (medical navigation platform for how and where to treat cancer) and Medtransfer


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