We are faithful to Innovation. It means the Holy Grail in a business world. And yes – Innovation is a business but business as usual. To understand this usual aspect we should focus on individual’s potential. I mean natural predisposition of each of us, cause as humans we have thousands years of experience in creation, exploration and improvement of our surrounding reality. Seriously – we have the Innovation gene in our own DNA. I will explain you how innovation thinking works and how important could that be for you.

Process to change

Look at the innovation as a process. This process has a main, general aim – change. Commonly we believe that innovation means to create something new. However, the change can lead us also to explore the different or to improve the better. So, in the first step we should understand that it’s not always about big ideas, sometimes it is just about small but brilliant details. Next thing is to notice that this whole process of change starts nowhere else but inside our minds. Innovative thinking is a natural activity for our brains, what’s more – we are “programmed” to think in such an innovative way. The key is to become aware of the great potential we have and start using it, because innovative thinking is something we can constantly improve.

Knowledge is a matter and quantity matters too.

There’s no innovation without knowledge – common fact. But being a specialist in one particular field we can’t forget about the other areas. The best insight comes from the different perspectives, so having unilateral perception closes us off other solutions. Innovation is about connections.

 This is truth: Innovative Thinking

Think about your knowledge as an accumulation of thousands of facts. It’s hard to be innovative when all facts are tightly connected to each other. You should “feed” your brain with variety of elements, cause it broadens your cognizance. Knowledge is a matter of the innovation, it fills the brain essence, gives material, so we can build with it. You can build with the same blocks, but with using some different blocks it is easier to build something unexpected. Don’t keep away from other areas, because open mind gives you one of the three great powers – it propels innovative thinking.

Creativity is a tool

If knowledge is a matter, well then, the creativity is a tool. This is what we call force which connects bricks in an unexpected way. We are limited by a thought that only exceptional individuals are predestinate to think in a creative way. That is not true and I am going to tell you why.

In the first step we have to ask – how our brain is thinking? Well, the mind is an enormous “computer” which works in a multi-sensory manner, using images, and associations. It’s full of associations’ chains where millions of connections and nodes form a web to grab all the incoming data. Sounds powerful, right? And it is. Just think about one of the situation when you can’t fall asleep because of some strange thoughts that you do not know where they came from. Actually in this moment you experience the real face of your brain’s work. The best thing is that in such a “mess” of associations the ideas are born.

Brain: Innovative Thinking

Now, creativity – what’s that? I’ll give you a simple example. Do you remember ninja turtles? I’m sure you do, and not only because you watched this cartoon in your childhood everyday. If you make one step up you realize that this two words have something common – this expression is actually an opposite of fast and slow – our first associations of ninja and turtle. And this is what we call creativity – it is an ability to connect our associations in the unexpected way.

And now match the answers of our questions. Connecting associations is the key of the creativity and our brain is working in this way every minute a day, 7 days a week – all the time. We need to allow it to do its job – so stop using common patterns. The unexpected effect of connections comes only when your knowledge is various and divided.

But the motivation wins it all

The engine which propels innovation is our motivation – we need a real actions to convert our thinking into reality. The key is a method of small steps, where innovation means cumulation of details – smart but not big ideas, which together give a great effect. We need to be consequent and responsible for what we do – don’t put off for later things which come to your mind. Test them, challenge them and what’s the most important – don’t allow yourself to be ignorant. Ignorance equals a fear of change, keeps you in the same place and does not let you go further.

If you become more open for new information, knowledge – other perspectives, your brain will do a great job to put them together in an unexpected connection. The rest is up to your motivation “engine”. That’s why it’s good to stop consecrating innovation, because processes standing behind it are usual and common for all of us.

Is there a place for innovation in our everyday work?

There are always a lot of things which can be constantly improved – the greatest power of the company are people who see this small details and have a will to change them in a better way. Innovative thinkers, potentially any of us, by their consequent action are able to create a place where work will be effective and matching their expectations. Company should understand, support and appreciate initiatives, which come from people. And people should realize how great power they have, you can also look at it as a chance to practise innovation thinking everyday.

And what’s the most important – keep in your mind the fact that innovation is about small steps which lead you, sometimes tricky but always – to the great change.

HR Lead

Putting the dots together. Connecting incompatible. Taking ignorance as the biggest enemy.