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Join the Hack4Med: CRACoV Hackathon

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28/09/2021 |

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Codete Team

Are you ready to put your knowledge and skills to work solving global problems and making an actual difference? Do you want to have a genuine impact on how the healthcare system works? Participate in the first edition of Hack4Med: CRACoV, co-organized by Codete and Krakow University Hospital!

Hack4Med is a game-changing event that bridges the gap between the worlds of medicine and emerging technology. It’s one of the first data-oriented hackathons in Europe, allowing participants to work conceptually on real (but fully anonymized) medical data from hundreds of COVID-19 patients - including results of laboratory testing and imaging diagnostics such as x-rays and computed tomography of the lungs.

Hack4Med: CRACoV will be held in Krakow on the weekend of October 16-17, 2021, at the New Headquarters of the Krakow University Hospital, 2 Jakubowskiego Street.

The main goal of this year's edition will be to create an innovative tool that will allow for the automation of COVID-19 risk prediction, known as a covid risk calculator, which will aid doctors in predicting the course of an individual's illness. The tool is intended to be used by the medical staff of the Krakow University Hospital (one of the event's main partners), so your efforts will have a real impact on people's lives.

"The goal of the hackathon is to produce a seed of solutions that will have a chance to become real software helping clinicians in the nearest future," said Marcin Jędrychowski, the Director of Krakow University Hospital. 

And if you want to challenge yourself with a slightly different task, you can also try to create a program that estimates the likely degree of lung involvement in COVID-19 patients, or an app that informs users about the effects of COVID-19 on muscles.

"We hope that solutions presented by the participants of Hack4Med will allow a patient with COVID-19 to be quickly assigned to one of three groups: one with a mild course of the disease, one with a severe course of the disease, and one with a high risk of death," said Karol Przystalski, co-organizer of the event. “We intend to use modern solutions to identify non-obvious instances," he added. 

The competition's jury and mentors include experts in programming, data science, and artificial intelligence, as well as Krakow University Hospital representatives from various medical disciplines who work with COVID-19 patients on a regular basis.

The Hack4Med: CRACoV Hackathon final will feature the 25 best teams (limit of 5 people per team) - a total of over 120 high-level specialists. They will work in different rooms but will have access to the same data. Additional questions from participants will be answered by specialists.

We're looking for people who are dedicated to finding long-term solutions. There is no requirement for prior medical experience. And, while money isn't everything, we're excited to tell you that the prize pool could be worth up to PLN 100,000!

Registration for the Hack4Med: CRACoV medical hackathon to combat Covid-19 has already begun!

So, are you a programmer, data scientist, user experience designer, or product manager? Do you have an interest in data analysis? Do you want to shape the future of medical technology? Register your team for the Hack4Med hackathon at https://www.hack4med.com/ 

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