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Building a Culture of Innovation: Top 5 Tips for Berlin Companies Looking To Stay Ahead

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23/05/2023 |

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Dominika Mizerska

A thriving company is a sign that its team knows how to combine investing in new technologies with creating a friendly workplace. 

Today, many large companies are choosing Berlin and its surroundings as a place of growth, which has already made this area one of the fastest business-growing in Europe some time ago. The capital of Germany has also become a perfect startup ecosystem, encouraging both beginner and experienced business owners to develop and take risks.

However, the high concentration of brands from similar industries also means growing competition, which subsequent companies have to deal with. How can you stay ahead of the rivals, and what is worth remembering when planning to build a business in accordance with the Berlin innovation culture?


Table of contents:

  1. Getting to know Berlin's ecosystem
  2. Diversity and inclusion – keys to creating an employer-friendly global business
  3. Cooperation makes the business stronger
  4. The significant impact of the new technologies
  5. A successful business is a conscious business
  6. Summary

Top 5 tips for Berlin companies looking to stay ahead

Learning the Berlin culture of innovation

No matter what your plan is for the Berlin business, the first step that is worth taking is to dive into the Berlin ecosystem. Feeling its vibes and understanding the rules that govern them makes the beginnings of every company easier. Location in central Europe enables the German tech market to develop its own specific rules, according to which it operates successfully.

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Berlin has become an ideal startup ecosystem.

Sellers-buyers relationships are not only built in the office but also during plenty of semi-formal meetings. Never-ending online calls are switched with face-to-face talks. The network is broadened during many industry events when knowledge is gained too. These are but a few examples of what matters the most when you think about your business development in Berlin or other cities in Germany.

Berlin startup ecosystem means diversity

It is not without reason that Berlin is called one of the most international cities in the world nowadays. To go hand in hand with this trend, it's crucial to build a startup ecosystem or a large company that gives its employees a chance to feel comfortable. This tip is not only about creating cross-functional teams where specialists from different industries can meet to exchange their knowledge and experience. It's also about providing employees with space to express themselves, to mark their own national or linguistic distinctiveness, as well as respect for gender, religion, and disability while building a coherent team from these differences at the same time.

No one needs to be convinced that the most exciting ideas are born of diversity and clashes of different points of view. The same applies to the most innovative startups built on inclusion and understanding.

German startup scene – a place to grow

The best place to work is one where employees feel motivated. 

Being a co-founder of one of the successful startups or scale-ups based in Berlin means that you constantly have to listen to your employees' voices: 

  • Create coworking spaces where your team can boost their ideas and improve dozens of projects, as well as just spend some meaningful time with colleagues and establish relationships.
  • Remember about a bunch of benefits that will not only convince your specialists to deepen their knowledge and sharpen skills but also enable them to find a work-life balance.
  • Different development opportunities, thanks to which your business will make progress and be a success...

Giving the team your support can have many different shapes, but it's worth remembering that all the costs you'll bear will, in fact, turn out to be the revenue for the company.

Meeting the client face-to-face

Apart from providing your employees with the chance to learn while setting up your place on the Berlin startup scene, it's also essential to pay attention to your customers. 

Today, many corporations and startups in Berlin emphasize building up an atmosphere tailored to the client's needs. Proactive service, regular testing of customer expectations, and all the other seemingly small changes that allow customers to feel that the specifics of their business have been understood… No matter if you represent one of the technology industries or belong to a group of founders of different businesses, it's essential to focus on the client. This time and energy investment that will be made to plan an in-person meeting will be beneficial for both sides.

Presenting your services personally rather than via the online platform often makes the sales process more effective and helps strengthen long-lasting relationships with clients.

Digital technology = digital transformation

There would be no talking about the tech startup ecosystem in Berlin if not for the... new technologies. If you want to stay ahead of the curve, you must invest in the latest and most wanted solutions. No matter if you're thinking about setting up your own company or looking for experienced business partners – the key is to follow the trends and find a niche at the same time. This combination is what changes the fastest-growing startups in Berlin into vibrant corporations and, as a result, what makes this city the center of the tech industry.

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Machine learning – an example of a brilliant solution

One of the most popular technology departments in the Berlin startup ecosystems is machine learning (ML). This part of artificial intelligence (AI) keeps inspiring engineers to search for new solutions that will soon boost various industries. As a consequence of AI development, ML is now one of the hottest trends that brings profits to companies worldwide.

Automation in the service of users

Another path that is definitely worth following if you want to stay ahead of the competition is the area of automation. Autonomous assembly lines in factories, self-driving cars more and more often visible on the streets, the possibility of online ticket purchase with easy access to the e-platform... Wherever you look, another solution will be built up based on automation. So why not invest in this field, then?

Fully user-oriented solutions

The more the "European tech capital" grows, the more visible it becomes that user-centric solutions come to the fore. For example, a few years ago, vehicles fully tailored to the drivers' needs sounded like an unsurpassed future, whereas now it's something common. Year after year, the scale of the cars' on-demand sector gets more prominent, and it's a clear sign for entrepreneurs that, while developing a business, it is worth focusing on individualizing services and products.

When tech companies improve the environment

But not only following the clients' needs matters. More and more big companies and startups in Berlin decide to put an emphasis on eco-friendly solutions. Modern, sustainable technologies like solar energy systems or wind turbines have already started replacing old, non-ecological predecessors. 

Many industries search for the possibility of engaging in projects that enable them to support the environment and take care of its future. Planting trees, taking part in medical Hackatons to save human lives, working on modern ways of facilitating the everyday functioning of different patients – there's no shortage of support.

Summary – top ways of improving your business in Berlin

Looking for a chance to stay ahead of the curve isn't easy. It becomes even more challenging when you want to compete with others in a city like Berlin. Called "the tech capital city of Europe", it's full of vibrant firms and startups willing to develop and conquer the international market.

Following the trends, being aware of the corporation and startup ecosystems rules, and having a bit of courage enable you to gain profits in the Berlin technological market. 

If you want to set up a new Germany-located business or develop the one that already exists, consider establishing contact with experienced advisors. Visit our page dedicated to business development in Berlin to learn about Codete's offer and see how we can support your brand, boost its efficiency, and provide you with success.

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Dominika Mizerska d75c6e7ac9

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