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What Is an On-demand App? Types and Features

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21/07/2022 |

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The on-demand app is something that a huge number of people turn to whenever they need something urgently. This can be anything from delivering a meal or drink, to a more demanding service concerning healthcare, education, beauty, transportation, and more.

On-demand platforms are revolutionizing the world of business today, and the on-demand market or even the on-demand economy are getting stronger every day. It’s because the target audience of such services (young people mostly) expects greater convenience and comfort, with a variety of offers available fast and aligned with their needs and expectations.

Mobile apps have been a smashing hit over the last decade, and on-demand service app development is booming and ever-increasing. More and more companies and developers try to go with the flow and reach an overwhelming success, too, despite the on-demand app development cost which can be very significant and exceed $200,000.

„On-demand app development company” is a term that can be attributed to a huge number of high-tech businesses these days. The on-demand app economy is expected to reach a staggering market value of $335 billion by 2025 with the online food delivery market being a major player here.

Table of contents:

1. On-demand apps in essence

2. On-demand applications types

3. On-demand applications – major features

4. Apps on demand boiled down

On-demand apps in essence

Acting as mediators between service providers and clients, on-demand apps connect customers with particular businesses they want to make use of.

We don’t have to look far to find an on-demand app development company today. The impressive list of on-demand apps includes Airbnb, Uber, Uber Eats, FoodPanda, Zomato, BlaBlaCar, Glovo, Deliveroo, and Just Eat (operated by Just Eat Takeaway.com, in Poland known under the brand name Pyszne.pl) and many more on-demand platforms that are known either worldwide, nationwide, or locally.

On-demand app developers are a growing group of software engineers, too – both full-time employees and freelancers, outsourced or hired in-house can grow in this attractive and promising specialization. However, the on-demand services app development process can be a bumpy road because there are many factors that need to be taken into consideration.

Developing on-demand solutions that are successful can be a very demanding process, and simply turning an app idea into reality can be problematic, too. First, of all, an on-demand service application needs to be useful and solve real-life problems.

Hectic and busy schedules many people struggle with these days make virtually all kinds of assistance in everyday-life duties needed, to some extent. Which, obviously, doesn’t mean that every on-demand app will hit the market with a bang.

On-demand applications types

An on-demand delivery app is something that is extremely popular in many countries across the globe, especially among young people who love and associate it mainly with online food delivery. But there are plenty of other on-demand service apps that serve many more needs.

Taxi, couriers, tutors, babysitters, plumbers, gym coaches and photographers hiring, medical, car, or laundry and cleaning services booking, as well as hiring online consultants in various fields – these are only some real-life examples of an on-demand service app use. Medicine and fuel delivery, massage services, and even hiring a lab technician for a medical test at the client’s place are in the cards here, too.

In general, we may distinguish five types of on-demand applications that concern:

  • food delivery
  • entertainment
  • grocery
  • home services
  • transportation

There’s also another interesting division that focuses on the users involved. Based on this criterion, we may single out: 

  • B2B (business-to-business),
  • B2C (business-to-consumer),
  • P2P (person-to-person) on-demand application development.

On-demand applications – major features

What users expect from an on-demand apps service provider is reliability, and great UX, with a user-friendly platform with a nice design provided. And because they want everything here and now, speed, efficiency, and no downtime also matter.

They don’t want to bother to verify particular service providers on their own and expect the platform to be secure and safe. They just hope that someone else did meticulous research they don’t have time for or don’t feel like doing, and often are also ready to pay a little more for it.

In brief, on-demand applications’ key features that users love cover:

  • clear, user-friendly interface
  • easy user registration
  • search and filter
  • live order tracking
  • ratings and reviews
  • diverse payment options
  • order history
  • wishlist
  • excellent customer care
  • top-tier cybersecurity

To succeed with launching an on-demand app, the company standing behind it should deliver a product that fulfills people’s needs but is outstanding in a way. Of course, the app has to be aligned with the target audience. One of the grave mistakes often made is overloading it with too many unnecessary features that are to please everyone.

Apps on demand boiled down

By choosing to order services or delivery via on-demand apps, users want to make their lives easier. Overly complicated or underdeveloped mobile applications of that type certainly won’t do nowadays, as the competition in the field of creating on-demand apps is huge.

Extremely complex UI, significant downtime, or not bothering to keep the app updated are some of the mistakes that can be made as far as on-demand app development is concerned.

On-demand app development is definitely on the rise, and although a smashing hit may indeed be on the horizon, one should tread carefully and don’t act too hastily. Factors such as target audience, competitors as well as costs should all be taken into consideration when working on an on-demand business model or on-demand platform.

If you, too, want to take advantage of responsive web design and make your company more visible and more aligned to the challenges of modernity, contact us now.

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