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DevOps services

Integrating software development with IT operations such as business consulting and automating day-to-day workflow with battle-tested tools is the key to building reliable, stable, and fully scalable digital products that will make a real difference for your business. Using a set of the best DevOps practices combined with our agile approach, Codete’s skilled DevOps engineers will speed up and improve the process of developing and deploying your software to market. They will also advise you on the best infrastructure solutions for your company and assist you in implementing them.

We offer comprehensive DevOps services for all digital businesses. Starting with consulting on the optimal solutions that will allow your company to cut costs of your infrastructure by selecting only the elements that you need and making them easily scalable, to setting up a base for developing for secure, failproof, and high-performing software.

At Codete, we embrace a cross-disciplinary approach to software development. This, together with our client-first attitude and decade-long experience, makes us a trusted partner in software delivery and IT consulting. We have worked with more than 70 companies from all over the world, operating in nearly every industry: healthtech, fintech, automotive, e-commerce, media and advertising, transport and logistics, travel and hospitality, and more. Whichever business vertical you’re in, whatever your size is, wherever your headquarters is located — we’re ready to work with you.

Our teams of software developers, operations specialists, and DevOps engineers will swiftly deliver a digital product tailored to your business needs and deploy it safely to production, then monitor its performance and provide immediate support when necessary. As a rule, we customize our services packages per each partnership to provide our clients with exactly the care that they need. Whether you require a complete set of DevOps services or help with a particular task, we’ve got you covered.

Our DevOps Engineers can help you in:

Establishing process continuity

Process continuity brings several benefits to your business. Implementing continuous integration and continuous product delivery will significantly shorten your go-to-market timeline. With continuous testing, potential issues with your software can be detected and tackled early on. The continuous release approach allows for gathering immediate feedback on a regular basis, therefore lowers the risks of failure on all fronts and increases the chances of your commercial success. Lastly, continuous learning and improvement enable incremental enhancements, which translates into launching a better product.

Self-managed infrastructure

Codete’s DevOps engineers will help you make the best out of your infrastructure by adjusting it to your current traffic demand on the one hand and preparing it to scale on the go when the traffic changes on the other. A flexible, easily scalable environment not only results in better performance but also allows for optimizing your company’s resources, and reducing the costs. We have the know-how required to choose infrastructure solutions suitable for your business and implement them. We’re experienced with setting up self-managed platforms using infrastructure as code (IaC) and auto-scaling mechanisms.

End-to-end responsibility

As part of cross-functional software development teams with end-to-end responsibility for your digital product, our DevOps engineers will carry the load of ensuring a smooth end user experience. They will guarantee efficient communication between servers, databases, and networks throughout the development process. Next, they will prepare the technological grounds for the product’s successful deployment to production, then monitor its performance 24/7, and provide you with instantaneous support.

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Case Study


Our client required assistance in introducing new features to their cloud-based application for printing postcards, as well as in refactoring its code and reducing the technical margin. The app had to be divided into smaller modules, serving different functional roles.


Our dedicated software developers needed to be at the top of their game. They were collaborating with other development teams located in nearshore offices. The focus of the project was placed on the quality of the application, which resulted in a lot of thorough quality assurance efforts and testing.

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