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Fintech and Crypto Software Development services

At Codete, we know how important it is to understand our client’s business perspective and the peculiarities of their business vertical. If you’re searching for a software company with a proven record of delivering successful digital projects for the financial industry, here we are — across over a decade of our presence on the market, we have partnered with several finance-related companies like SatoshiPoint, Spotcap, Broker Genius, Wells Fargo, or Raisin. This gives us a good understanding of this area and a lot of practice-based knowledge that we’re ready to use for your competitive advantage.

We always build products based on in-depth preliminary research, focusing on understanding our client’s business goals and the characteristics of their market. It’s crucial for building successful software that meets the expectations of both our partners and their customers. With our already gathered knowledge in the finance sector and your priceless insights, combined with our tech know-how, we’ll be fully equipped to deliver your next software solution for managing investments, insurances, loans... and beyond.

Codete’s fintech portfolio includes a number of innovative projects. For example, we’ve contributed to building software for professional stock investors that allows for inter-factor correlations research by exploring links between markets and stock prices fluctuations. We’ve also participated in creating a web and mobile application for anyone owning or willing to own an investment portfolio. The app takes all of their portfolio-management processes online. Starting from the creation of one’s investment portfolio based on custom mutual funds, exchange-traded funds, or stocks, to analyzing and monitoring the risks and returns — and many more.

We offer services ranging from IT consulting through custom software development to augmenting our clients’ teams with dedicated software developers fluent in front-end, backend, and mobile technologies and frameworks. We also have QA and DevOps engineers on board, as well as machine learning and data science experts. If you’re ready for your new fintech project, get in touch with us — and we’ll prepare a bespoke software services package for your company.

Our Fintech Software Developers can support you with:

Relevant hands-on experience

For more than ten years already, we've been supporting financial companies of all sizes with our IT expertise and bespoke software solutions. Our agile teams consisting of skilled professionals who stay up to date with groundbreaking technological innovations are the perfect choice for any fintech startup or scaleup to boost their market disruption efforts. At the same time, financial institutions and larger companies might be interested in our fintech “building blocks” — easily deployable platforms built by our dedicated software developers, suitable for any organization who’d rather make than buy their next financial product.

Powerful technologies

Codete’s financial software expertise relies on a strong team of specialists not only fluent in trending programming languages and frameworks, but also in big data, machine learning, and distributed computing. We approach each of our clients and their business goals individually, but for most of our fintech projects, we use Java for backend development, React.js and React Native for front-end development, and open-source Jupyter (which often proves more powerful than Python or R) for data science.

Solutions for 100% data security

We do our best to deliver high-performing software providing extraordinary user experience, but also a rock-solid sense of safety. Our fintech products and solutions meet the highest standards of security to guarantee safe handling of all sensitive information — be it personal, corporate, financial, mortgage-related, or trade-related data. Also, our solutions are proven to have full integrational capacity with the rest of our client’s architecture.

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Case Study


SatoshiPoint is an operator of Bitcoin ATMs in the United Kingdom’s largest network of BTMs. In cooperation with Codete, the company aimed to create the first BTM network with its own bitcoin wallet from the ground up.


The purpose of the project was to create an application for SatoshiPoint's BTM network with an integrated machine location search engine. The application also supports all the typical wallet functionalities with the transactions based on blockchain in order to improve user experience and maximize the customers’ revenue.

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