Fintech and Crypto

Codete FinTech software house delivers high-end finance software products for global financial market leaders. Client and project-dedicated FinTech and InsurTech development teams focus on understanding your business needs, researching the market and providing expert-level business knowledge consulting, and, based upon that, building reliable, funcional, 100% data-secure digital tools for managing investments, personal loans, insurances, and beyond.
Made-by-Codete FinTech and InsurTech digital tools meet the highest, most rigorous standard of personal financial, mortgage, corporate, trade-related, extremely sensitive information and data protection, reducing risk to the absolute minimum, and providing your Clients with an extraordinary user experience, underpinned by a rock-solid trust and sense of safety, only an experienced team of FinTech software developers can guarantee.

Codete FinTech development experience consists of several top-priority, custom financial technology development projects for a digital revolution of personal and stock finances management. We contributed to innovating financial market by designing and developing new-standard digital tools: a professional, inter-factor stock correlations research software for exploring links between markets and stock changes, and a mobile & web investment portfolio management app for anyone owning a portfolio. That rendered paying an actual visit to a broker largely redundant, and handed the tool to critical portfolio-management to the Clients themselves. The app's features include investment portfolio creation, based on custom mutual funds, ETFs and stocks, analysis and monitoring of the returns, risk assessment characteristics, annual/rolling returns and many more. Further functionalities include portfolio growth charts, Sharpe Ratio, rolling returns etc.
Future financial market game-changers: startups and SMEs. With Codete's teams' flexibility and focus on keeping up with groundbreaking tech innovations, we are able to add value to startups' audacious market disruption attempts with their fresh FinTech solutions. We've been providing customized IT expertise and full-stack services for leading scale-ups from e.g Berlin FinTech ecosystem, contributing to their innovative products, such as SMEs-dedicated lending platform or European investment opportunities' spotting tool.

Technologies & tools used in Codete FinTech projects:
1. Backend services in Java.
2. Front-end and mobile software in Java, React.js and React Native.
3. Data science in Jupyter, open-source technology more powerful than Python or R.

What you can gain
Innovative tech & products
Codete develops FinTech Building Blocks, mastering state-of-the-art FinTech technology stacks in critical environments. Our dedicated teams deliver simple deployable platforms favoring "make" over "buy" for every FIs.
Business traction
Our solutions are proven to have a full integrational capacity with Clients' wider architecture.
Reliable team
Codete's core financial software expertise relies upon a strong team of FinTech specialists with expertise in big data, machine learning, and distributed computing.

Success story


SatoshiPoint is an operator of Bitcoin ATMs in the United Kingdom’s largest network of BTMs. In cooperation with Codete the company aimed to create the first BTM network with its own bitcoin wallet from the ground up.

The purpose of the project was to create an application for SatoshiPoint's BTM network with integrated machine location search. Application also supports all classical wallet functionalities with all blockchain based transactions in order to improve user experience and maximize customers’ revenue.


It was very important to keep the transaction handling component completely separate. In the same time data sent to server shouldn't allow for any fingerprinting. Following the customer’s expectations we utilized the existing solution with new modules developed. We also covered the whole creation of server endpoint along with technical and security advisory. The whole technology process required deep understanding of cryptocurrency related mechanisms and hard skills in terms of payment systems implementation.