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Front-end Development services

If you’re searching for innovative digital solutions to accelerate your company’s growth, you’re in the right place. At Codete, we have over 150 software engineers on board, ready to expand your product portfolio with high-quality software. Our rich experience in different industries and partnering with companies of all sizes all over the world has given us the technological and business expertise needed to provide you with solutions that will fulfill your objectives and meet the expectations of your customers. We’re fluent in all top programming languages and frameworks.

We’re ready to provide you with bespoke front-end solutions, from designing a simple web or mobile application to delivering more complex software, including entire systems. Alongside your IT team or autonomously, our software developers will take your company through all stages of designing and delivering a successful, high-performing, and user-friendly product.

Codete’s front-end developers and designers can share their know-how with your company either as dedicated specialists extending your existing IT department or as external consultants. We’ll tailor our services to your company’s needs and make your vision a reality, from the concept through the prototype to the final product. Our offices are located in the center of Europe, but we don’t let the location limit us. We’ve successfully cooperated on remote projects, and we’re able to work with partners across the globe, delivering the same value as though we were working on-site. Full transparency is in our DNA, we always update our clients daily on the progress of the project.

Why Codete? We’ve been present on the market for over a decade now, gathering priceless experience and practical knowledge in many different technologies, as well as in many different business verticals. With our client-first approach, we’re ready to adjust to your needs and go the extra mile to build a successful digital product. We’re agile, proactive, focused on building long-term partnerships, and we keep paperwork to a minimum. To learn more about our projects, feel free to check our portfolio!

Our Front-end Developers can help you in:

Selecting suitable front-end technologies

Just a couple of years ago, it was easy to overlook front-end development as the internet browsers were limited to simply rendering HTML code, and all interactive activities were provided by the backend. However, with the rise of many technological innovations, front-end development has become more complex and advanced than ever before. In this ever-changing world of technology, some tools have remained on the top while others have faded into obscurity. But our front-end developers are keeping their hands on the pulse and staying up to date with the latest trends. They will advise you on the best frameworks and libraries — such as React, Angular, Vue, or Redux — to design and deliver a remarkable product for your business.

Flexible front-end development

We know from experience that a product vision or the requirements can change quickly in the course of the project, that’s why we follow agile development processes that allow us to adjust to the current circumstances on the go. We’ve also mastered scaling our dedicated development teams, making it possible for our business partners to swiftly get new engineers on the project in order to complete assigned front-end tasks without incurring the costs and commitments connected to permanent employment.

Insights-based UI design

Our business cooperation is always based on a deep preliminary analysis, which gives us the answers to the most important questions about the product vision and our client’s requirements. To ensure smooth user interaction with the created software, we’ve implemented designing intuitive and user-friendly interfaces as part of our project management process. We understand that creating a successful digital product is possible only by achieving the right balance between business insights, the end user’s needs, and technological excellence. That’s why Codete’s front-end developers deliver user interfaces with the client’s business objectives in mind, following the best user experience practices.

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Case Study


As a leading online store for furniture and home decoration accessories, Home24 serves thousands of customers in seven European countries. We have helped the e-commerce giant to optimize their technology stack and provided support in the backend, front-end, and mobile areas.


Codete’s dedicated front-end developers task was to boost the performance and scalability of the Home24 platform. They’ve come up with a solution that relies on assembling a set of small node.js applications, each responsible for a different part of the website. The node.js apps communicate with a repository of shared React components through http requests in such a way that all pages have the same asset URLs. As a result, the platform takes significantly less time to load.

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