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Your Professional Growth at Codete

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25/08/2022 |

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Dominika Mizerska

At Codete, we believe that company = people. That’s why we do as much as we can to provide our employees with the widest range of career growth possibilities and opportunities for learning a new skill. This kind of approach makes Codete a place where people stay for a long time, and the rotation is low.

Fancy getting more details? Are you curious how we do THAT? Read the article about professional development opportunities at Codete and discover more information about boosting your career with us.


Table of contents:

  1. Growth opportunities at Codete
  2. Codete’s personalized skills development programs
  3. Internal Mobility – how does it work?
  4. Productive waiting time
  5. Wrap up 

Growth opportunities at Codete 

Sometimes we hear that “It’s easier to change the job than to switch a project inside the company”. This quote motivated us to incorporate some changes and update the internal growth structures. Having it in mind, we are constantly looking for new solutions that help us improve our daily performance.

What are Codeters like?

At Codete we care about getting to know our employees, their needs and expectations. This approach also refers to the potential future Codeters. That’s why we keep talking with all of them, asking for feedback, and encouraging them to regularly fill in the questionnaires about their determination level and motivations.

Professional development - the key to success

We know that Codeters and Codeters-to-be value a chance to grow, to be up to date with the latest technologies, knowledge-sharing, and being a part of interesting, demanding projects. To fulfill all these expectations and help them achieve their personal goals, we’re constantly building up our tech communities and Techies Space, as well as other professional development opportunities. Our supportive, friendly team is always ready to help each other, and that’s what makes Codete the best place to work.

Codete’s personalized skills development programs

Finding out all these anticipations turned out to be a milestone in improving the company’s rating in the eyes of its employees. Here are several possibilities for career development and learning new skills that we offer them as employer, together with the details.

Internal Mobility Program

Thanks to our Internal Mobility Program Manager Kinga Przeździecka and Internal Mobility Manager Kamila Dybeł, Codeters can change the project or even the whole technology they work in without leaving the company.

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Meet out Internal Mobility Program Manager – Kinga Przeździecka (on the left), and our Internal Mobility Manager – Kamila Dybeł (on the right).

Kinga and Kamila help find an individual way of professional development every time the Codeter needs it. Instead of “sitting on the bench”, our employees can constantly improve their skill sets, and that’s why working at Codete keeps giving them a sense of agency.

Internal Mobility Program is open to everyone in the company, and can be used in two different situations:

  • Requested change of project, team, or technology
  • Search for a new project when the current one is coming to an end (or has ended).

Codete Mentorship Program

This project brings together both mentors and mentees, who are keen on either (or both) learning from other employees or teaching about new technological developments. 

For less experienced employees, the mentorship program is an effective way to expand their horizons within their chosen field, while being assigned to a project or staying between them. For those who only have a few burning questions about a specific topic or technology, mentoring sessions can be a good way to receive all answers they seek or get suggestions on which direction to go. There’s no need to “reinvent the wheel” and make mistakes that somebody else has already made before, right?

At Codete, we’re flexible and we keep giving Codeters the space to tell us what forms of growth and learning opportunities would be preferable. When they can choose how they would like this professional program to look like, it’s more probable that it will be effective.

Sparring Partners Work

How else do we support personal growth opportunities at Codete? The answer is the Sparring Partners Program. It has nothing in common with boxing matches, besides the fact that there are two parties involved. In a boxing match, it’s two boxers in the game, and in our case, it’s two employees in every project. 

Sparring Partner Work is designed for pairs of engineers working for the same client. A duo of developers works together, sharing skills and knowledge, while improving the project along the way.

Internship Program

Do you know someone who is at the start of their career path, and who’d like to join the team of tech professionals? As a Codeter, you can recommend them to your delivery manager or team leader and give them a chance to start an internship at Codete. But internal recommendations are not the only way to become a Codete’s intern. There are plent of career opportunities dedicated to interns in our R&D department. Check them out, choose the one tailored to your friends' needs and experience, and help them start developing their machine learning or Python skills.

This way of individual growth was designed for universities and technical school students, and all of those who are taking the first steps of their professional IT career path.

Self-Taught Academy (Akademia Samouka)

Have you ever thought about making a twist in your career and changing job? Now you have a chance to start growing in IT. Apply to Codete’s Self-Taught Academy and check if the front-end is something for you. Academy is a set of workshops for people who have never tried IT before but want to change it. No special skills or knowledge are required, and all you need to do is actively participate in classes and finish the course. Nowadays we’ve been testing the waters with the first edition of the project, and we hope to continue it in the near future.

What makes Self-Taught Academy special, is also no loyalty agreements that would make you stay at Codete or not let you work for our competitors after finishing the project. But if you feel like becoming a Codeter, make sure to do your best in the training because the best three participants will get a chance to join a paid internship once the classes are finished.

Productive waiting time

At Codete, we do as much as possible for our developers and other employees’ comfort. If they can spend time between the projects boosting their skills and gaining new knowledge, we’ll provide them with an educational opportunity. Being a part of the Codete Talent Pool is another chance for high-quality professional development.

Teaching other Codeters? Gaining a great dose of knowledge? Becoming a mentor or a mentee? Writing articles for the Codete Blog? All of this is to keep our developers updated and engaged in Codete’s life.

Other professional development opportunities

What else can Codeter do while waiting for the new project to come?

  • Attend courses, workshops, or conferences within their field of work or on the subject aligned with their career goals
  • Join one of Codete tech communities to either share their knowledge and good practices, or learn new things
  • Perform Technical Evaluations (Interviews) in the area of their expertise

Become a speaker at one of Codete's meetups or webinars for other professionals (if nothing matches their interests, they can come up with a topic for a new event too)

Wrap up

Our employees’ needs have been crucial for us since the beginning, and that’s why we care about providing opportunities for professional growth at work in as many ways as we can. 

Our Internal Mobility team: Kinga Przeździecka and Kamila Dybeł do their best to help Codeters change projects or learn a new technology if needed, and it goes hand in hand with several educational programs. And if the situation puts the employee in between projects, Kinga and Kamila take care of making this period as effective and profitable for the Codeter as possible. At Codete professional career development continues all the time, because only constant growth and training can make any job IT job.

Are you searching for a job where you will be able to develop your skills? Join us, by checking our open positions on the Career webpage. Learn more about our Bring Your Buddy to Codete referral program and receive a bonus for recommending a friend, or visit Techies and join the upcoming events dedicated for all – Codete's employees, IT professionals, enthusiasts and new job seekers.

And one more thing: Codete is more than a software house, and if you want to know why, read more about our CSR projects.

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Dominika Mizerska d75c6e7ac9

Dominika Mizerska

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