The 5th edition of CodeteCON is behind us! On November 15, 2019, in the magical Forum Wydarzeń (previous Hotel Forum), we organized the fifth edition of meetings with the world of technology – CodeteCON. This is an initiative of one of our employees, which has been implemented successively for several years. This time we decided to organize an event in a less formal style to deviate from the typical conference convention. The event took place on Friday afternoon in a climatic place.

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This time we invited 13 speakers from Poland, Ukraine, USA, Germany, Estonia and Israel from 3 different fields of technology. CodeteCON # KRK5 had 3 tracks: Data Science, Back-end and Front-end. We’ve also provided an open lightning talks scene for the selected ones.

codetecon krk5 codetecon krk5 codetecon krk5

CodeteCON #KRK5 speakers and lectures

We would like to thank our best speakers with all our hearts:

Jan Żywczak – Inveox, Krzysztof Hermut – GlobalLogic, Piotr Nalepa – Auto1 Group, Doug Sillars, Taivo Pungas – Veriff, Ruslan Korniichuk – Capgemini, Shay Palachy – DataHack, Michał Koszałka – Merapar, Włodek Krakowski – Bottega IT Minds, Lothar Schulz – Moovel Group (becomes Reach Now), Janusz Tomasik – Swiss Dev, Konrad Otrębski – Tagvenue and Paweł Zegartowski – from Codete! Thank you so much for being with us, for creating CodeteCON #KRK5. Amazing speeches, inspiring case studies, and fantastic networking!

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In addition to a decent dose of knowledge, Codete also took care of entertainment elements – we invited the partner VRcadium to cooperation – the first Virtual Entertainment Center in Krakow offering over 50 different experiences, from games, through film, to art.

codetecon krk5  codetecon krk5

There were also some favorite #boardgames – Codete organized a competition in which there were 3 top board games to be won. It was cool!

This year we had many conference partners – we were supported by brands such as:

Inveox – our special partner, Agile Nuts, No Fluff Jobs, BulldDogJob, JustJoinIT, Kraków Miastem Startupów, Women in Technology, Vrcadium, 4Developers, CodersCrew, CoderDojo, ITkrk, Jobsora, Future Collars and more!

See how it was! Take a look at the agenda, lectures and experienced speakers! 

codetecon krk5 codetecon krk5 codetecon krk5

CodeteCON Front-end Track

Let’s start from the #front-end track.

First was Krzysztof Hermut, a Senior Front-end Developer at GlobalLogic. Chris talked about Function [[Call]] – ECMA-262 specification contract explained

Piotr Nalepa, Senior Software Engineer at Auto1 Group had a presentation titled: Building framework agnostic UI with Web Components

Doug Sillars, a Freelance Mobile & Performance Expert told us about Fast and Beautiful: Modern Image Delivery Techniques

CodeteCON Data Science Track

First on the #datascience scene was 

Ruslan Korniichuk, Senior Consultant at Capgemini with lecture: DataOps, or how to build end-to-end data workflows

Next was Taivo Pungas, Automation Lead at Veriff. Taivo spoke about Machine Learning at Veriff and what is possible in a year?

Shay Palachy, Independent Data Science Consultant from DataHack explained about Unsupervised Document Embedding Techniques: A Status Report

CodeteCON Back-end Track

On the #back-end Track 

Jan Żywczak, Lead Software Engineer at Inveox gave a speech about Spring Cloud Data Flow in 3rd party services integration

Next, Michał Koszałka, Java Developer at Merapar talked about Kafka & Kafka Streams

Last, but not least, Włodek Krakowski, Technical & Organizational Trainer at Bottega IT Minds had a lecture about Pyramid of Refactoring

CodeteCON Lightning Talk scene

CodeteCON had also an open scene of lightning talks.

Lothar Shulz, Engineering Manager, @ Moovel Group (becomes Reach Now) told us about Tech alignment with Narratives 

Janusz Greg Tomasik, Software Freelancer & Indie Hacker at SwissDev gave a short talk titled: Forget agile! Meet Just In Time (JIT) Development (for your side project)

Paweł Zegartowski, Senior Software Engineer at Codetetalked about DOH! It’s already the 21st century and your DNS queries are still out there in plain text, how long?

Konrad Otrębski, Software Developer, Solutions Architect, Tagvenue had a short talk titled: Your team vs kebab place! Theory of constraints – primary DevOps element – explained!

codetecon krk5 codetecon krk5 codetecon krk5 codetecon krk5 codetecon krk5

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Thank you to all participants for reaching this cool Friday evening!

We hope that as organizers we met your high expectations, we would be grateful if you evaluate our event and let us know what you think we should improve!

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Looking forward to seeing you at the next edition of CodeteCON!

codetecon krk5


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