What is IT consulting for startups for?

Let’s start with essentials: it was Dave McClure, who originally said what is today often repeated that for a perfect startup, you only three people. First one is a hacker who will sort the whole code for you and actually manage product building, the second person is a designer who will take care of the looks and the third is a hustler – growth hacker, sales-boosting expert.

So an easy observation – two of three essential startup jobs are IT-related. And even if the anecdote by McClure sounds like it’s an oversimplification of this – all in all – quite complicated world in which most of the companies starting up, end up failing, it nevertheless seems like without proper IT consulting, a startup is not merely at risk of failing, but deemed to do so.

IT Consulting for Startups - Codete

For a programmer this is exactly what was said – he does the management of the whole production. However, an expectation that a single person will build the product on his own and it will be as perfect as it’s possible, might be a mistake. It’s not for no reason that IT work today is mostly done in teams, right? So after deciding that you’re going all in with your brilliant idea, make sure that the technicalities are buttoned up. It might, therefore, be useful to talk to a company offering an IT consulting for startups – and see what else, what more can be done to make your product a true smasher.

How exactly you can benefit from hiring a startup IT consulting group like ours?

Well, we’ll make sure that your know-how and the tools that you use are state-of-the-art. The whole consulting process is aimed at achieving your business goals – the tool you use as well as your own process of product development can be perfected in such a way that the productivity spikes and respectively, the fundamental goals of your whole startup company will be possible to be attained quicker and more fully.

In particular, our IT startup consulting service typically concerns solution such as system security or the techniques with which bigger tasks can be broken down to smaller ones and particular projects can be managed effectively and smoothly.

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